Nar Raqs is the creative director of Sababa Dance Co. She is consistently infusing Sababa choreographies with the finishing touches derived from a lifetime of classical dance training, including ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. She has performed belly dance professionally for over a decent and is a sought after bellydance instructor. Not only does she teach belly dance, she also directs her own children's dance program, molding the dancers of our future.
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Shaunti Fera is the co-founder of Sababa Dance Co. Shaunti is always striving to create innovative, technical choreographies that push the envelope of audience expectation. She has worked as a professional bellydance soloist in LA for over a decade and has over 15 years of Middle-Eastern dance training. She has performed with many of LA's top belly dance companies and has made regular appearances at a handful of LA's restaurants. Weddings are her very favorite performance arena.
Marizol is a professional bellydance instructor and performer based in Orange County. She is an American cabaret style bellydance artist who not only puts on phenomenal performances, but always keeps her audience wanting more. Marizol's passion for bellydance pushes her to learn and try new things to develop her own dance style. Not only is she an amazing, hard working dancer, but she is a wonderful Reiki healer, certified Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba instructor, and an entrepreneur. Sababa Dance Co. loves their spiritual and positive sister, Marizol.
Loree began training in ballet, jazz and tap at a young age has had a love of dance ever since. At age 16 she began training in hip hop and by college she was in San Diego's 220 (Second to None) dance troupe. She then spent 2 years in New York working for an entertainment company as one of their principle dancers. For the past 8 years Loree has been working as a professional belly dancer and bollywood dancer here in Los Angeles. Loree has appeared in the Armenian Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre, Iranian musician Shadmehr Aghili's concert, Iranian pop singer Morteza Barjesteh's music video, Russian singer Ksenona's music video, a commercial for Dance Dance Revolution, the feature film This Means War, the Loving the Silent Tears musical, and the Nas Maka music video by Mansour and Jamshid.
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Tijana began her dance training at 6 years old while growing up in Serbia. She studied Latin and classical ballroom and enjoyed performing and competing. By the time she was in high school she became an instructor and taught all age groups. Dance was so ingrained in her that when she moved to Los Angeles at 19 years of age, she realized that dance was one thing she couldn't live without. She formed an international dance club at the Santa Monica college where she met weekly with students who loved to dance for classes and performances. During this time, she began studying Egyptian dance, which has taken her to stages big and small all over the world. She feels it is the most beautiful and empowering form of dance, one that she can never stop learning and one that has to be felt to be performed.
Maia began her training in classical ballet at the age of 6. At the age of 15 she saw a Middle East performance on TV, which inspired her to know more about the art of belly dance. Since then, she has trained with well known teachers that have prepared her to perform and teach internationally. Her background also includes acrobatics, jazz, hula, salsa, and acting. In 2010 her first belly dance instructional DVD was released. She is happy to be a part of Sababa Dance Co.