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Q: How is Sababa's music played at the party?

A: We will provide the DJ or the host of the party with our show songs burned in order on a CD. We can provide our show music on iPod but only if you request us to do so in advance. It is the client's responsibility to provide the sound system as we do not bring stereo equipment with us. Please make sure you have a sound system that can play loud enough to be heard over the bustle of the party. Once the CD is playing, it is not necessary to pause or stop the music at all. Just let the CD run through from start to finish and we will take care of the rest.
Q: Is tipping appropriate?

A: Yes, tipping can be done in many ways. Middle-Eastern cultures often tip their dancers by showering bills over the dancers during the performance. If you are near a dancer, you may also tuck tips in appropriate places on the dancer's costume, like armbands or the side of their skirt waistband. Or, tips can be given to the director of the company along with the show pay when the show is complete.
Q: How long is a standard bellydance show?

A: 20-30 minutes (6-8 songs) is a great show length because you get to see a good variety throughout the show. This is the standard show length for most dance companies serving the LA area. For weddings, one 20-30 minute show (6-8 songs) is usually best because there are so many other scheduled things throughout the evening, like the first dance, the cake cutting, and guest dancing. For other types of parties you may want two shorter shows of 15-20 minutes (4-5 songs) in length with a little break in between. It's up to you. Let us know your preferences.
Q: How far in advance should I book Sababa Dance Co.?

A: We are very flexible on this. Booking us three weeks in advance is ideal but if it's already close to the event, please call for a booking anyway. We love to accommodate our clients the best we can.
Q: What will Sababa Dance Co. need from me to help the show run smoothly as planned?

A: (1) We will need a place close to the performance area for costume changes. The closer the better because sometimes dancers will only have two minutes to get into a new costume. (2) We also will need you to provide a stereo system that can play our show CD. (3) Additionally, please let us know where we should park and provide paid parking for our dancers. These three things are greatly appreciated.
Q: How do I go about booking Sababa Dance Co.?

A: Give us a call (323-380-8171) and let us know how many dancers you want to hire, the location of your event, the date and time of your event, and any special requests. We will provide you with the most reasonable price quote we can and then send you a contract protecting both you and Sababa Dance Co. We request half of the payment amount in advance as a deposit. Once we receive your deposit and signed contract, you can be sure that we will provide you with the best possible show in the most professional way.
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Q: Where does Sababa Dance Co. perform?

A: Sababa Dance Co. frequently performs in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood, Pasadena, and Long Beach. They are also available for performances in San Diego, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara. Sababa Dance Co. travels nationally to be at special events outside of Southern California.
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